Practicing Sustainability

PPC Industries, Inc. regularly practices sustainability by having a full life cycle view of its product. PPC seeks to create the most efficient packaging by producing as little waste as possible, and using recyclable materials when appropriate. PPC also focuses as part of our capital equipment decisions on selecting the most energy efficient machinery direct and indirect to our processes and warehousing. Our engineering team also utilizes various software and monitoring equipment to optimize electrical power factors in all our processes and facilities. Specific sustainability strategies available to customers include:

  •  Material substitution and structure changes allowing for source reduction.
  • Analysis of product packaging and skid densities to optimize shipment densities.
  • Analytical testing to determine appropriate inclusion of recycles content.
  •  Addition of degradation promotion additives.
  • Recycling promotion identifiers for products used in retail space.

Conflict Minerals Statement

As a responsible company, PPC Industries, Inc. supports the goal of the Dodd-Frank Act of preventing armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjoining countries from the sourcing of Conflict minerals.

As manufacturers of quality Packaging and Medical Tubing products,   we do not utilize materials or constituents which contain Columbite-tantalite, Cassiterite, Wolframite, or Gold.