Scientifically Engineered Packaging

PPC Industries offers a family of films and bags scientifically engineered for packaging produce. Because fresh fruit and produce are living, breathing organisms, the selection of protective packaging is critical. All products are made with 100% Food Grade Resin.

Laser-Perforated Bags for Fresh Produce

MicroCAP Bags and Film for Product Life Extension and Quality

  • Consistent and accurate laser perforated holes (mechanical perforations can vary significantly)
  • Film respiration rates matched to produce weight, cut, respiration rate, and expected temperature exposures in supply chain
  • Significant data base of various produce respiration rates and experience in various packages
  • FSSC 22000 certified (Approved GFSI scheme)
  • Used on a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Ideal for food service and institutional package sizes (bulk)
  • Available with anti-fog additive controlling excess moisture
  • Creates equilibrium within each package

Benefits of MicroCAP packaging

  • Maintains taste, color, texture, and odor
  • Minimizes spoilage losses
  • Certain produce can be held and released extending the season
  • Increases protection margin for temperature abuse in supply chain
  • Preserves nutritional properties for extended periods
  • Minimizes product weight loss through dehydration
  • Increases profits
  • Facilitates lower cost transportation options (land and sea)