More Than 30 Blown Film Extrusion Lines

PPC has over 30 blown film lines which allows PPC to maximize our plant’s capabilities, and discover new blends to create superior characteristics. PPC Industries has mono- and multi-layer (up to 7 layers) co-extrusion capabilities for producing films with wide-ranging characteristics.

  • High Density
  • Low Density
  • Linear Low Density
  • High Molecular Weight High Density
  • Specialty resins, including Metallocene
  • Tinted or opaque-colored (blue, orange, yellow etc.)
  • Flat and gusseted profiles
  • Wisconsin – 33 manufacturing lines – 7 co-extrusion lines and 26 monolayer lines
  • Costa Rica – 6 manufacturing lines – 1 co-extrusion line and 5 monolayer lines


PPC purchases millions of pounds of various grades of polyethylene and polypropylene resins each year, therefore, we are able to acquire these materials at extremely competitive pricing. PPC sources resins and additives globally and closely tracks regional price drivers to insure fullest understanding and anticipation of price movements in these often volatile markets.