Procedure & Process Are Critical

We specialize in supplying the tire, rubber and compounding industries.  Our products provide a critical and cost effective delivery vehicle to your process of chemicals, catalysts and related additives. We understand that our film or bag will become a part of your product and thus must fully disperse every time. PPC has put great effort into procedure and process from raw material receipt to final QA product release to insure that your specific product performs as expected.  PPC works with a wide range of polymers and suppliers to insure consistent performance to specification.  We have an extensive heat history on all polymer types and families commonly used in this application.  Our customers are many of the large tire manufacturers and custom mixers.

  • Easy open/ easy tear bags on rolls
  • Coding for traceability if desired
  • DSC and other melting tests performed on every lot and incoming raw material batch
  • Range of melting points to fit every specification and melt application
  • Technical support and product customization available
  • Color coding of product to maintain traceability 
  • Gauge reduction possible with material improvements